Thursday, 30 May 2013

May 30, 2013. The Voice of Wisdom @ Rhodos Venue #7 Fringe #23.

Guest Veronica Baron share her 'Voice of Wisdom' presented by Gemini Productions at Rhodes, 5583 Parc Ave. venue #7 June 14-22. This is a powerful piece inspired by true events; the order of the Solar Temple suicides, Morin Heights 1994. The followers of Joseph Di Mambro attempt to transit to Sirius the Dog Star in search of utopia. Box Office 514 849-FEST (3378).

Blogcast duration 9min.

May 30, 2013. Sens Dessus Dessous @ Studio Multimédia Fringe #23.

Notre invitée Anne-Flore de Rochambeau est la créatrice et la chorégraphe de 'Sens Dessus Dessous' une représentation à travers le mouvement. "Comme un poisson rouge dans son bocal, nous avons parfois la sensation de tourner en rond." Avec: Marine Rixhon, Marijoe Foucher et Liane Thériault. Présenté au Studio Multimédia 4750 Henri Julien de 15 au 23 juin. Entrevue bilangue, fringlish / franglais, en français avec une peut d'anglais. Billetrie 514-849-FEST (3378)

Duration de blogcast -9min.

May 30, 2013. The Elephant in the Room @ Fuchsia Epicerie Fleur Venue #F Fringe #23.

Guest Allison Burns dancer/choreographer performs in 'The Elephant in the Room' a musical & movement performance piece presented by FASTER at Fuchsia Epicerie Fleur venue #F June 6-23. The musical duo Faster, includes performing musicians Kayla Milmine (soprano-sax) and Brian Abbott (guitarist). Box Office 514-849-FEST (3378).

Blogcast duration -8min.
May 30, 2013. Around Miss Julie @ Club Espagnol Venue #8 Fringe #23.

Guests: Company founding members and actresses Miriam Cummings, Lindsey Huebner, Samantha Megarry, actor Graham Berlin, and designer Sonya Vallis present the Hopegrown production 'Around Miss Julie' commissioned to Harry Standjofski and directed by Norah Paton at Spanish Club venue #8. A play within a play, three actors struggle to mount "Julie in a Snowstorm" a new adaptation of the Strindberg classic where the cast tangles with each other and a dead bird.
www, Box Office 514-849-FEST (3378).

Blogcast duration -8min.

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

May 29th, 2013. Terminal C @ Club Espanol Venue #8 Fringe #23.

Guests: playwright and actress Tamara Richards and director Julia Ainsworth pull into 'Terminal C' a Now Now Production presented at Spanish Club Espano, 4368 St-Laurent June 15-23. Box Office 514-849-FEST (3378).

Blogcast duration -11min.
 May 29, 2013. Talk, Mackerel @ MainLine Venue #6 Fringe #23.

Guest Sarah Segal-Lazar is the playwright, director, and co-star in 'Talk, Mackerel' presented by Sermo Scomber Theatre at MainLine Theatre June 15-22. You are all invited to the birthday party of Leslie Moira Duncanaine set in a site-specific space. Sarah is also the founding artistic producer of The Island Fringe on P.E.I., the world's only 100% site-speciifc Fringe Festival. Box Office 514-849-FEST (3378). 

Blogcast duration 12min.
May 29, 2013. Once Upon A Disco Ball @ MainLine Theatre Venue #6 Fringe #23.

Guest Shannon Topinka in the playwright & performer behind "Once Upon A Disco Ball" presented by PinkSKY Delights at MainLine Theatre June 14-23. Once upon a time there was a girl who loved to dance and twirl, the tale of a middle aged lass and her quest for her past. What can you expect? A fairy tale set in the land of disco. Box Office 514-849-FEST (3378).

Blogcast duration -8min.
May 29, 2013. Chairs - A Parable @ La Chapelle Venue #10 Fringe #23.

Guests Paul Naiman and Brandon Roy actors in 'Chairs - A Parable' by Sebastien Archibald presented by Bazooka Theatre at La Chapelle June 15-23. Chairs is the story of three men content with their simple, egalitarian lives until one day, one o them discovers ambition. Box Office 514-849-FEST (3378).

Blogcast duration -10min.
May 29, 2013. Racial Roulette @ M.A.I. (Montreal Arts Intercultural) Venue #9 Fringe #23.

Guests: playwright and actor Vishesh Abeyratne and Alice Abracen chat about 'Racial Roulette' a satirical session of cultural (in)sensitivity training, presented by Deus Ex Mania at the M.A.I. 3680 Jeanne Mance June 14-22. Box Office 514-849-FEST (3378)

Blogcast duration -12min.

Promo video 2min:

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

28 mai 2013. Petit bout de femme @ M.A.I. Venue #9 Fringe #23.

Notre invitée Cathia Riopel la créatrice D'une page å l'autre présente 'Petit Bout de Femme' Un monologue poétiquement raisonnable, sensiblement provocateur, osé, sensuel et très kétine au M.A.I. (Montréal, Arts Intercultures) de 15 au 23 juin. Entrevue bilangue, fringlish / franglais, en français avec une petite bout d'anglais. Billetrie 514-849-FEST (3378)

Duration de blogcast 9min.
May 28, 2013. Verbal Diarrhea or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Bomb at Love
@ MainLine Theatre Venue #6 Fringe #23.

Guest Gerard Harris chats up a storm as the creator behind That's Enough Drama presents a storytelling show called 'Verbal Diarrhea or  How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Bomb at Love' at MainLine Theatre June 14-23. Box Office 514-849-FEST (3378). 

Warning: Coarse language!
Blogcast duration 16min.
May 28, 2013. Russian Dolls @ Club Espagnol Venue #8 Fringe #23.

Guest Katherine Turnbull director of 'Russian Dolls' by Ellie Chartier presented by Les Parents Terribles at Club Espagnol June 14-22. Lucius claims to be a devil; Could it actually be true? Box Office 514 849-FEST (3378).

Blogcast duration -15min.
May 28, 2013. Single Black Female @ MainLine Theatre Venue #6 Fringe #23.

Guest Letitia Brookes directs & co-stars with Gara Nlandu in 'Single Black Female' by Lisa B. Thompson, a Nu Spyce Production presented at MainLine Theatre June 14-23. All the single ladies poke fun at racial & gender stero-types while exposing the absurdities that accompany chasing after happiness. Box Office 514 849-FEST (3378).

Blogcast duration 9min.

Monday, 27 May 2013

May 28th 2013. ARTi-CHAUT @ La Chapelle Venue #10 Fringe #23.

Guest Sarah Peterson creator-performer of 'ARTi-CHAUD' a Lagaffe Production presented at LaChapelle. A one women short (-30min) multi-disiplinary experimental performance piece that promises to capture what humour can derive from the most hopeless situations. BoxOffice 514 849-FEST (3378)

Blogcast duration 7:30min.
May 28, 2013. Angels Share @ FreeStandingRoom Venue B Fringe #23.

Guest Alexis Diamond playwright & co-producer chats about 'Angel's Share' a one act play directed by Amanda Kellock, featuring Stephanie Buxton and Chip Chuipka presented by Composite Theatre Co. at FreeStandingRoom Off-Venue B. "One bottle of scotch can do a lot of damage; A story about grief, absolution, revelation, and scotch whiskey.' Box Office 514-849-FEST (3378).

Blogcast duration 12min.

Thursday, 23 May 2013

May 23, 2013. Good Housekeeping @ Venue #1 Mission Santa Cruz

Guests director Mitchell Cohen and actress Emily Yognet chat about 'Good Housekeeping' by James Charles Watts presented by R.L. Palestine Productions at Fringe #23 venue #1 Mission Santa Crus June 15-22. Box Office 514 849-FEST (3378).

Blogcast duration -13min.
May 23, 2013. The Balding @ Espace 4001 Venue #3 Fringe #23.

Guest writer -performer Jeff Gandell chats about the frightening realities faced by men who have discovered at an early age that they have male pattern baldness and are also young enough to still be virgins. Embarking on a quest to loose his virginity Jeff comes face to face with distraction and destruction and his own mortality as his situation gets more hopeless.

Presented by Yarn Productions June 15-22, Espace 4001 Berri. Box Office 514 849-FEST (3378).

Blogcast duration -14min.

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

May 22, 2013. Holy Tranity! @ Café Cléopàtre Venue C Fringe #23.

Guests: playwright/co-producer Puelo Deir and actor Simon Therrien chat about the good the bad and the ugly of the plight for gay rights, the onslaught of the aides epidemic, recalling queer culture's place in history, and their production 'Holy Tranity! A dirty love song to the gay 80s' presented at Fringe #23 Off-Venue C Café Cléopàtre 1230 St-Laurent. 
Box Office: 514 849-FEST (3378).

Blogcast duration -15min.
May 22, 2013. Rien de prévu! @ Cabaret du MileEnd Venue #5

Guest Stéphanie Bernard, artistic director of Les Soirées Improvisoires présentent 'Rien de prévu!' at the Cabaret du Mile End, 5240 ave. du Parc June 15-22. A troup of 8-10 dance specialists and experienced improvisers build an improbable and instantaneous choreography to live musical accompanied all of which will vary with each performance. 
BoxOffice 514 849-FEST (3378).

Blogcast duration 11Min.
May 22, 2013. Osama The Hero @ Venue #3 Fringe #23

Guests: director Robert Montcalm and assistant director/producer Parker Doris chat about the Lifelong Production of 'Osama The Hero' by Denis Kelly presented at Venue #3 Espace 4001 June 14-22. The play questions society's ethics and peoples ability to make rational decisions based on evidence rather than fear. Box Office 514 849-FEST (3378).

Blogcast duration - 9min.

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

May 21st, 1213. Jess Salomon 'Obsession' @ Montreal Improv - Fringe #23.

Guest Jess Salomon (Ex UN war crimes lawyer) candidly talks about her 'Obsessions' in her Jess For Laughs Fringe production presented at Montreal Improv, #202 - 3713 St-Laurent / Pins, June 14-22. There's no censoring this standup comedian once she's got a microphone in her hand. 514 849-FEST (3378).

Blogcast duration -13min.
May 21st, 2013. Crossdressers & Criminals: 3 Ways to Lose Yourself @ Fringe #23.

Guests: playwright/producer Jonathan Fournier and director Marie Markovic chat about their Off-Fringe production 'Crossdressers & Criminals: 3 Ways to Lose Yourself' an intertwined collection of solo pieces, featuring: Liz Burns, Tania Dos Santos, Lex Youssef, presented at the FreeStandingRoom June 13-22.

Schedule info.  BoxOffice 514-849-FEST (3378).

Blogcast duration -11min.

Monday, 20 May 2013

May 20, 2013. Zack Adams: Zack to the Future @ Venue #4; Fringe  514 849-FEST (3378)

Guest Shane Adamczak, playwright and actor chats about his one man comedy about trying to find yourself...literally! The creator of both: 'A Complete History of Zack Adams' and 'Zack Adams: Love songs for Future Girl' presents another chapter in his trilogy and this time Zack is the future.

Info @
Venue #4 Scene Mini, 4247 St-Doninique.

Blogcast duration 8min.

Monday, 6 May 2013

May 6, 2013. Fringe Montreal's 23rd season media launch.

The Festival St-Ambroise FRINGE Montreal media launch at Katacombes on 'The Main'. Speakers: Johanna Nutter, Amy Blackmore and Al Lafrance chat with local journalists with a smoothy blend of English muffins, French toast and beer, about this 23rd season's (June 3-June 23) programing and special events.

Duration: 19min.

Thursday, 2 May 2013

May 2nd, 2013. Sherlock Holmes @ Segal Centre.

Guest Andrew Shaver, director of 'Sherlock Holmes' sits down for an intimate 1-on-1 candid chat about the challenges he and his cast and production team have dealt with in preparing for the world premier of this the latest work from Greg Kramer and final bow from this artist. Presented by the Segal Centre for the Performing Arts, May 5 - 28.  Photos: AndréeLanthier             

Duration 22min.