Saturday, 15 June 2013

June 16, 2013. The Rendez-Vous Galant: Starring Hedy LaDerringdo @ La Chapelle

Guest Krin Maren Haglund (circus performing artist and actress) chats about her production of 'The Rendez-Vous Galant: Starring Hedy LaDerringdo' presented at La Chapelle venue #10 June 14-23. Set in the heady days of the 1920's an overly dramatic heroine is jilted by her lover and employs unusually hilarious means to overcome her disappointment with a unique cocktail of theatrical comedy. Box Office 514-849-FEST (3378).

June 16, 2013. Dandyman @ Rhodos Venue #7 Fringe #23.

Guest Daniel Oldaker (performer) chats about his touring production entitled 'Dandyman' presented by VarietyVille at Rhodos venue #7 June 14-23. Australia's funniest front man of circus & physical comedy brings you on a journey of peculiar proportions. Box Office 514-849-FEST (3378). Promo video link:

June 16, 2013. The Knocking Within @ M.A.I. Venue #9 Fringe #23.

Guest Wendy Jehlen (dancer, choreographer) chats about her creative performance career, life as a touring the globe as an artist, and 'The Knocking Within" a dance-theatre duet, presented by ANIKAI Dance at the M.A.I. (Montreal arts intercultural) venue #9, June 15-23. Box Office 514-849-FEST (3378).
June 16, 2013. Love in the Time of Time Machines @ Cabaret du Mile End Venue #5.

Guest Gillian English (actress) costars in 'Love in the Time of Time Machines' by David Tichauer & Ned Petrie, presented by The Theatre Elusive at Cabaret du Mile End venue #5 June 15-23. Once upon a time there was a breakup and that was the end; Or was it? Box Office 514-849-FEST (3378).

June 15, 2013. EXIT @ Pitit (Café) Campus Venue #2 Fringe #23.

Guests: Isaac Luy (creator, performer) and Daniela Becerra (production-stage manager) chat about 'ExitÈ presented by Guayoyo Creative Collective at Petit (Café) Campus venue #2. The comedy of a clown who, after facing a traumatic experience in his homeland, decides to go to the First World in search of a new beginning. Box Office 514-849-FEST (3378).
June 15, 2013. I Think My Heart Needs Glasses @ Espace 4001 Berri venue #3 Fringe #23.

Guest Yana Kesala (writer, performer, producer) recipient of the 2012 Spirit of the Fringe Montreal award, chats about 'I Think My Heart Needs Glasses' a Radient Moxie presentation at Espace 4001 Berri venue #3 June 15-23. She explores the scars left on her heart after running into walls with love she returns this season with her personal story of love, grief, and search for peace. 514-849-FEST (3378).
June 15, 2013. Southern Boy @ Studio Jean-Valcourt Venue #12 Fringe #23.

Guest artistic director Gierre Godley (Choreographer, dancer, producer)  of Project Forty4 presents 'Southern Boy' at Studio Jean-Valcourt venue #12 June 14-18. Exploring ideas of deterioration and transformation this piece is about how busy concrete jungle like NYC can break down even the strongest of men. The works of this company ensemble is to showcase the beauty, versatility, and athleticism of male dance artists. Box Office 514-849-FEST (3378).
June 15, 2013. Water Wings @ Espace 4001 Berri Venue #3 Fringe #23.

Guest Erin Rogers (writer, performer, producer) chats about the comedy duo (Brie Watson) Lake Erie's production of 'Water Wings' presented at Espace 4001 Berri venue #3 June 14-23. A love of the gritty depths of smart comedy, musical numbers, road trips, and late night poutine are what bond this duet. Box office 514-849-FEST (3378).

June 15, 2013. How To Be A Terrorist @ Scène Mini Venue #4 Fringe #23.

Guest Jimmy Grzelak (Actor, Writer, Producer, Eagle Scout) presents the touring production 'How To Be A Terrorist' at the Scène Mini venue #4 June 14-22. A self proclaimed mad theatre scientist, in this his latest incarnation he explores the sexuality of the founder of the Boy Scouts as well as the queerness and campiness of the all boys movement. Box office 514-849-FEST (3378).

June 15, 2013. Tap Me On The Shoulder @ Scène Mini Venue #4 Fringe #23

Guest Erika Kate MacDonald (writer, actor, producer) performs in 'Tap Me On The Shoulder' a Pack Of Other(s) presentation at Scène Mini Venue #4 June 14-23. Hailed as a look at rap through a personal lens. You don't have to enjoy rap to enjoy this play, all you need is an open mind. Structered as a 10 step lesson plan for 'How to Become a Rapper' the story is of a nerdy girl who discovers rap in a coming of age journey. Box Office 514-849-FEST (3378).
June 15, 2013. Borderland @ M.A.I. Venue #9 Fringe #23.

Guest Izad Etemadi (writer & performer & producer) chats about  'Borderland' presented at M.A.I. (Montreal Arts Intercultural) June 14-23. Navis is a gay Iranian man running from himself and his home. A late addition to Fringe #23 it does not appear in the Fringe paper program. Performances are June: 14 @ 18:15, 15 @ 17:15, 19 @ 19:30, 20 @ 22:45, 22 @ 13:30, 23 @ 19:00. Box Office 514-849-FEST (3378).

June 15, 2013. Little Orange Man @ Scène Mini #4 Fringe #23.

Guest Ingrid Hansen chats about the SNAFU production of 'Little Orange Man' presented at Scène Mini venue #4 June 14-23. Meet Kitt the Kinder-Whisperer in this fast paced humourous performance about an outcast child of 12 who with music, shadow puppetry and Danish fables entrusts a group of strangers to fight her darkest battle. Box Office 514-849-FEST (3378).

Friday, 7 June 2013

June 7, 2013. Annoying Visitor @ Montreal Improve Off-venue #A

Guests: Cherry Typhoon and Yanomi (Shoshinz) present a brand new comedy show with an old school vaudeville / burlesque style and a Japanese 'Manga' twist entitled 'Annoying Visitor' "When the 'typhoon' meets my exploding family." at the Montreal Improve off-venue #A June 13 - 23. Box office 514-849-FEST (3378).

Blogcast duration 9min.

June 6, 2013. The Sky Is Exploding @ Rhodos venue #7 Fringe #23.

Guest Rena Hundert creates and stars in 'The Sky Is Exploding' ia a play inspired by Chicken Little consisting entirely of sketches, songs and monologues with a variety of characters in outrageous scenarios. Presented at Rhodos venue #7, 5583 Park Ave. June 14 - 22. Box Office 514-849-FEST (3378).

Blogcast duraction -7min.
June 6, 2013. Trance For Matron @ FreeStandingRoom off-venue #B

Guest Lib Spry, playwright & performer, chats about 'Trance For Matron' "What does it mean to be old, female and poor in a disintegrating world?" a Theatre Agile production directed by Luciana Burcheri presented at FreeStandingRoom off-venue #B Fringe #23.
Original music performed by Dumisizwe Bhembe and choreography by Holly Gauthier-Frankel. Box office 514-849-FEST (3378).

Blogcast duration 10:30min.
June 6, 2013. Alex Cross @ MainLine Venue #6 Fringe #23.

Guests: Franco DeCrescentis (playwright, director, producer) and Kenny Strule (AKA Alex Cross) ask the question "Would You sell your soul for fame?" in 'Alex Cross - and His Rise to Fame' presented June 15-22 at MainLine Theatre Venue #6. www.alexcrossandhis  514-849FEST (3378).

Blogcast duration 11:30min.
June 6, 2013. Corps Accords @ M.A.I. Venue #9 Fringe #23.

Guest Julienne Doko, dancer/choreographer, chats about the multitude of influences and inspirations of her latest creation 'Corps Accords' in which she performs along with Chantal Thine with original music composed and performed by Jackie Gallant. Presented at the M.A.I. (Montreal Arts Intercultural) June 17-23. Interview in English, "avec quelleques notes en français à la fin." 514-849-FEST (3378).

Blogcast duration 11min.

Thursday, 6 June 2013

June 6 juin 2013. Mr P @ M.A.I. SalleVenue #9 Fringe #23.

Invités: Jocelyn Sioui et Amélie Poirier-Aubry parlent de leur prochaine création colorée aux accents de comédie musicale et de dessin animé avec l'amour de la marionnette 'Mr P ... la légende vivante' presenté par le band de thèàtre Belzébrute (Shavirez et Manga) au M.A.I. (Montreal, arts interculturel) salle/venue #9 du 14 - 23 juin. 514-849-FEST (3378).

Blogcast duration -13min.
June 5th, 2013. Third Person @ Mission Santa Cruz venue #1.

Guests: (playwright-director) Brandon Wicke and (actor) Nic Turcotte chat very enthusiastically about the 'Third Person' a touring production presented by Orphaned Egret at Mission Santa Crus venue #1. Box Office 514-849-FEST (3378).

Blog cast duration 10min.

30 juin 2013. C.R.A.Q. Règle no 1: Ne pas craquer. @ Salle Multimédia. Salle #11,

Invités: Anne-Sophie Tougas et Dominic St-Laurent parlent d'un nouveau thèâtre musical décoiffant!  'Règle no 1: Ne pas craquer' C.R.A.Q. (Centre du Refus ou de l'Acceptation du Québec)'. "Au C.R.A.Q. nous sommes-là pour décider à votre place." Présenté au Salle multimédia du Conservatoire de Montréal. Salle #11. BoxOffice 514-849-FEST (3378).

Blogcast duration -9min.
June 5, 2013. Corner Café @ Spanish Club Espanol venue #8. Fringe #23.

Guest Julie Racine the director of the sitcom inspired play 'Corner Café' a fusion of theatre & improve; a bilingual production of two alternating comic episodes presented by Anonymous Artists at the Spanish Club Espanol venue #8 June 15-23. Interview in English with a sprinkle of 'français' to top it off in the end. Box-office 514-849-FEST (3378).

Blogcast -10min.
June 5, 2013. Cross My Heart @ MainLine Theatre venue #6 Fringe #23.

Guest Ned Cox co-writer & co-director with Alexandria Haber of 'Cross My Heart' a scintillatingly screwball romantic comedy presented by Hart-Felt Productions at MainLine Theatre, venue #6 June 14-22. Co-starring actors Paula Costain and Brett Watson find out that the borderline between love and loathing is wafer-thin. 514-849-FEST (3378).

Blogcast duration -12min.
June 5, 2013. White Noise - Le Grand Débrouillage @ Studio Jean-Valcourt Venue #12.

Invité Gabriel Frappier auteur et mise en scène de 'White Noise - Le Grand Débrouillage' une création bilangue (franco-anglo) de Statu Quo Théàtre, présenté au Studio Jean-Valcourt du Conservatoire d'art dramatique de Montréal. 514-849-FEST (3378).

Blogcast duration 13min.

Promo-Video 1:30min.
June 5, 2013. Now That I Have Your Attention @ Montreal Improvenue A. Fringe #23.

Guest comedian, writer, actor Dan Bingham (creator of 'Adopt This') performs in 'Now That I Have Your Attention - A Comedian's Guide On How To Lose Girlfriends and Alienate Women' directed by Sarit Klein, presented at The Montreal Improv Theatre, 3713 St-Laurent #202, venue #A, 8 performances June 13-23. Box Office 514-849-FEST (3378).

Blogcast duration 12:30min.