Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Saint Joseph

Saint Joseph @ Fringe #25 Venue #12

Dale Hayes director/producer of d2 productions chats about her latest project "Saint Joseph" by Jason Lebaron; a platwright who holds a special place in her heart. Presented at Fringe Venue #12. d2productionsmtl.com BlogCast duration: 8min.


Monday, 1 June 2015

Captain Aurora: A Superhero Musical!

Captain Aurora: A Superhero Musical! @ Fringe #25 Venue #10.

Playwright & Director Trevor Barrett with his company Kaleidoscope Theatre, for the first time at the Fringe, present his lastest creation. Musical direction by David Terriault, with arrangements by Chris Barillaro. A cast of a dozen talented performers merge on the stage to save the day!

BlogCast duration 14min.


Saturday, 30 May 2015


SHY SHY in SPACE @ Fringe #25 Venue #2 Petit Campus. 

Playwright & Director Patrick Charron along with Shy Shy Schulie Productions presents the first women to sing in space with Shy Shy in Space. Presented at Fringe Venue #2; Ages 18+. Shy Shy chats about her voyage and out of this world concert. BlogCast duration 9min. www.shyshyschulie.com 


@ Fringe #25 Venue #11.

Playwright & Performer Elena Belyea chats about her latest creation 'Miss Katelyn's Grade Threes Prepare for the Inevitable' directed by Jon Lachlan Stewart. Presented by Company of Mutts at Fringe Venue #11, Studio Multimedia du Conservatoire. BlogCast duration 12:30min.


Myth Mirrors Punk

Myth Mirrors Punk @ Fringe #25 Off-Venue #G Café Tuyo 370 Marie-Anne E

Playwright and storyteller Magali Desjardins Potvin chats about Carole TenBrink and her own mash-up of fact versus fiction original tales inspired by real life and fantasy creations delivered in spoken word. BlogCast duration 9:45min. www.talesfromthedarksidecafe.wordpress.com


Where Were You When I Was Coming

Where Were You When I Was Coming @ Fringe #25 Venue # 3 Espace 4001.

Ira Sokolova chats about her reincarnation of Gleams Theatre 10th anniversary production "Where Were You When I was Coming" written by C.S. Hanson. www.gleamstheatre.com BlogCast duration: 11:45min


Everything Is Normal


Vance Gillis chats about "Everything Is Normal" a funny warm-hearted autobiographical show about the strange ways we cope with success, disappointment and becoming an adult. Directed by Joe Conto, presented at Fringe Off-Venue #A Théâtre Ste-Catherine. BlogCast duration : 9:15min.



Thursday, 28 May 2015

David Pryde's Tête Offensive

David Pryde's Tête Offensive @ Fringe off-venue #A

Playwright and actor David Pryde, well known for his stand-up comedy, chats about his off-beat take on topics otherwise taboo to a WMASP: religion, sexuality, and race that might sting his audiences. 50min. ages 18+ Theatre Ste-Catherine. www.davidpryde.com BlogCast duration 9min.


Boy Meets Girl: A Young Love Story

Boy Meets Girl: A Young Love Story @ Fringe Venue #9.

Alyson Leah chats about her Five Foot Two Production of Sam Wolfson's Boy Meets Girl: A Young Love Story, directed by Sarit Klein. Presented at the M.A.I. venue #9 this tale of Katie (Alyson Leah) and Sam (Sean Colby) is a comedy for all ages. 45min. BlogCast duration: 9min.


Tuesday Seeds of War: Draft 1: The Hunt

Tuesday Seeds of War @ Fringe #25 Venue #3.

Playwright & Performer Leah Vineberg chats about her latest creation, in development, Tuesday Seeds of War: Draft 1: The Hunt, presented at Fringe Venue #3 Espace 4001 Berri. 60min 18+BlogCast duration 12:30min. www.theroadwithin.com


Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Bangers & Mash

Bangers & Mash @ Fringe #25 venue #4 Studio CirQus, 4247 St-Dominique.

Caterina Incisa, playwright, director and performer, chats about this sketch comedy mash up of Canadian and British humor from Moose to Mr. Bean. BlogCast duration 12min.


Tuesday, 26 May 2015

The No Bull$#!% History of Canada

The No Bull$#!% History of Canada @ Fringe #25 Venue # 8 The Black Theatre Workshop Studio.

Playwright & Performer Kyle Allatt chats about returning to the Montreal Fringe with 'His Story' ...let's make fun of Canadian HisTory... power point seminar. Directed by Tim Ekerett. Presented at the B.T.W. Studio in the M.A.I. BlogCast duration 12min.


7 The Root of Self

7 The Root of Self @ Fringe Venue #12 Studio Jean- Valcourt du Conservatoire.

Choreographer Melanie Sirois chats about her latest dance interpretive creation, with text by Chris Masson, "7 Root of Self" not a mathematical equation but an exploration of 7 life-shaping moments through movement and text. Presented at Fringe Venue #12. BlogCast duration 9:15min.


STROKE @ Fringe #25 Off-Venue B FreesStandingRoom

Playwright & Director Marie Barlizio chats about her return to the performing arts following a four year hiatus, her lastest creation Stroke and the impetus behind the scenes from germinal concept to the page to the stage. Presented at the Free Standing Room Fringe off-venue #D. BlogCast duration 14min.


Sunday, 24 May 2015

In Search of Mrs Pirandello

In Search of Mrs Pirandello @ Fringe #25 Off-venue D.

Michaela DiCesare chats about her lastest incarnation and her motivation in the search for Mrs Pirandello. In Search of Mrs. Pirandello is presented at the Fringe Off-venue #D, Rialto Studio 5723 Parc Av. (S.E. Bernard). 60min. Age +12. www.michaeladicesare.com BlogCast duration 9:30.

Allie Weigh's Inn

Allie Weigh's Inn @ Fringe #25 off-venue # G.

Allie Weigh's in on her production of one women's journey through four decades of life set to live music and storytelling. Presented June 2 to 20 at the Café Tuyo, 370 Marie-Anne E. (St-Denis). 55min. Multidisipineary. Ages +16. www.allieweigh.com BlogCast duration 12:30 http://www.montrealfringe.ca/spectacle/allie-weighs-inn/

Saturday, 23 May 2015

Analysis of Failure

ANALYSIS of FAILURE @ Montreal Fringe #25 & The special FRINGE PREVIEW-SHOW @ Montreal Improv.

Listen in on MMA's 1st interview of the silver anniversary of the Montreal FRINGE June 1-21, 2015. Mark Jumper (in character) chats about the causes and effects of failure in Analysis of Failure presented at Fringe venue #12, June 13-21. 50min. Ages 12+. $8/$6. BlogCast duration 12:30. http://www.montrealfringe.ca/spectacle/analysis-of-failure/

He also plugs the upcoming special Fringe Pre-View Show, May 29th 10pm @ Montreal Improv, Espace A3697 St-Laurent. $6. at the door.

Monday, 20 April 2015


TRIPLEX NERVOSA@ Centaur Theatre April 24 - May17.

Listen in to playwright Marianne Ackerman as she chats about her latest creation and the motivation and inspiration in writing the play and the dream team in the cast & crew. centaurtheatre.com 514-288-3161 BlogCast -10min.


TRAVESTIES  @ Segal Center April 12 to May 3.

Listen in to the eloquent Ellen David as she chats about her character (Nadezhda Krupskaya-Lenin) and the award winning play by Tom Stoppard.
segalcenter.org 514-739-7944 BlogCast 13.5min.

Monday, 6 April 2015

Fuddy Meers

Fuddy Meers @ Calixa Lavalee April 30 - May 9.

Stuart Fink director of Fuddy Meers by David Lindsay-Abaire, chats about the inFurnace Theatre production at Calixa Lavalee April 30 to May 9. http://www.infurnace.com Tickets 15$ - 20$ Box Office 514-918-8320.

Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde

Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde @ MainLine Theatre April 16 - 26.

Allie Shapiro chats about her role (Elizabeth Jelkes) in Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde, by Jeffery Hatcher in the Perspehone Production, directed by Christopher Moore, at MainLine Theatre, 3997 St-Laurent, April 16-26. Tickets: 15$ - 20$ Box Office: 514-849-3378 www.mainlinetheatre.ca

Saturday, 21 March 2015

The Basketball Diaries

The Basketball Diaries @ The MiniMain April 2 to 5.

Playwright & director Dale Hayes with actor Julien Fiset, chat about this world premier production, an adaptation of poet and memorist Jim Carrol's juvenile diaries. Presented by d(squared) Productions at the MiniMain, MainLine Theatre, April 2, 3, 4, at 8pm and 3, 5, 3pm. Tickets: 15$ - 10$ B.O. www.mainlinetheatre.ca 514-849-3378

Monday, 16 March 2015


Trout Stanley @ Mtl Improv March 19 - 29, 2015. 

Jessica Fildes chats about "Trout Stanley" by Claudia Dey, an AcidHawk Theatre Production at Montreal Improve 3713 St-Laurent, March 19 - 29. Directed by Crystal Reid. Featuring herself (Jessica Fildes), Elizabeth Neale & Christian Jadah. Tkts: 15$ - 12$ (B.O. cash at the door). (BlogCast duration 9:30min.)


Hosanna @ MainLine Theatre March 17 - 29, 2015.

Director, Mike Payette, chats about Tableau d'Hôte Theatre's production "Hosanna" by Michel Tremblay, presented in English, featuring Eloi Archam-Baudoin & Davide Chiazzese, at MainLine Theatre, 3997 St-Laurent, March 17 - 29, Tue. - Sat. 8pm, Sun. 2pm. Tkts 20$ - 15$ www.mainlinetheatre.ca 514-849-3378. (BlogCast duration 14:30min).


The Dumb Waiter @ MiniMain, MainLine Theatre March 18 - 28.

Howard Rosenstein chats about Harold Pinter's "The Dumb Waiter" presented by Theatre Esperance at the MiniMain, MainLine Theatre, 3997 St-Laurent, March 18 - 28. Directed by Alison Darcey, featuring himself (Howard Rosenstein) & James Loye. Tkts: 20$ - 15$ www.mainlinetheatre.ca 514-849-3378. (BlogCast duration 10:30min.)

Friday, 20 February 2015

The Goodnight Bird @ Centaur Feb. 26-March 22. 

Join MMA as we chit-chat with Centaur Theatre Artistic Director Roy Surette and the director of The Goodnight Bird by Colleen Murphy. Featuring: Nicole Cavendish, Graham Cuthburtson, & Christopher Hunt. www.centaurtheatre.com (Blog-cast duration -8:43)

Thursday, 5 February 2015


     The Nisei & The Narnauks Feb. 5 - 22 @ MAI

Persephone Productions present the latest Paul Van Dyke (playwright & director) creation at the Montreal Arts Intercultural Centre (MAI). Artistic director Christopher Moore and Paul chat with MMA about : puppetry & mask (by Zack Fraser), and music in this fantastical tale as we follow Kimiko's adventurous journey from an interment camp up the coast of British Columbia in search of her grandmother. Along the way she encounters characters of the First Nations West Coast mythology. Box Office: https://billetterie.m-a-i.qc.ca Tel: 514-982-3386 (BlogCast duration -10min.)

Wednesday, 4 February 2015



FOREVER PLAID @ Segal Centre to Feb. 22.

MMA chats with performers Chris Barillaro (Jinx) and Jonathan Patterson (Smudge) in the Copa de Oro & Segal co-production of the musical-comedy, ode to the 1950’s barbershop quartette harmonies, “Forever Plaid” by Stuart Ross; directed by Roger Peace. Musical director Chris Barillaro, Associate musical director, conductor and on piano David Terriault, Assistant director and Dance captain Jonathan Patterson. www.segalcentre.org (Duration of blogcast 17:30min.)

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Daughters of the Revolution

Daughters of the Revolution @ Dawson Theatre, Jan. 28-Feb. 7.

Presented by the 3rd year graduating class of the Dawson College Professional Theatre Program. This is a faced paced, political thriller that examines the state of democracy in our time, by following the lives of American revolutionaries of the 1960's. Dawson Theatre, 2000 Atwater. 514-931-5000 MMA chats with student / actor Keren Roberts. (Duration: -10min.)

The Medea Effect

The Medea Effect @ Segal Studio, February 3 - 7.

Talisman Theatre presents 'The Medea Effect' by Suzie Bastien, directed by Emma Tibaldo, with Jennifer Morehouse & james Loye, at the Segal Studio, four night only: February 3 to 7, 8:00pm.
Set design by Lyne Paquette. Light design by David Perreault Ninacs. Box Office 514-739-7944.
MMA chats with director Emma Tibaldo and actor James Loye. (Duration: -15min.)

A personal message from actress Jennifer Morehouse: Talisman Theatre is doing a remount of their award-winning production of The Medea Effect. …  It's an extraordinary play. I have lived in it now for 2 and a half years, and it is such a healing play and it is amazing how much it has filled my life.  I am so looking forward to tackling this beautiful 'monstrosity' again with this amazing group of people and I would love to be able to share it with as many people as possible. Please come and have a 'listen'. :-) Jen

Saturday, 24 January 2015

The Bad Guys

The Bad Guys @ MainLine Theatre Jan. 27 - Feb 1.
 Collective Productions 'man-up' as the artists in residence at MainLine Theatre presenting The Bad Guys, by Alena Smith. Join our chat with Ezra Fama de Smit company co-founder and one of the five bad guys in this production. www.mainlinetheatre.ca 514-849-3378. Duration 12min.

Thursday, 15 January 2015

DELICACY the HOTTEST ticket @ Centaur Theatre Wild Side Festival, January 15 to 17.

Delicacy is a delicious 90min. four hander play, written & directed by Kat Sandler, presented by Toronto's Theatre Brouhaha. Presented at Centaur Theatre's Wild Side Festival; Only 3 performance remain Thursday, Friday, Saturday, January 15, 16, 17, all at 7:30pm. 'A wealthy Yorkville couple meets a younger, open-minded couple at an underground sex club. Two weeks later, hey invite the younger couple over to their condo for some wine & cheese and venture to taste forbidden fruits and see if the lightening can strike twice in their unconventional new relationship. MMA chats with two of the actors Tennille Read & Andy Trithardt, opening night in the Centaur lobby. Get your tickets now while they're HOT! www.theatrebrouhaha.com www.centaurtheatre.com 514-288-3161

Sunday, 4 January 2015

Coming & Going

COMING AND GOING in the WildSide Festival January 7-11, 2015 @ Centaur Theatre.

For Body & Light present a collaboration created by Stéphanie Morin-Robert and Ian Ferrier, Coming and Going combining music, movement and the spoken word in a sensorial journey through ocean tides with light, form, imagination, moving shapes and meditative stillness, in The WildSide Festival from January 7 to 11 at Centaur Theatre. www.centaurtheatre.com 514288-3161 https://www.facebook.com/events/291392714391060/


JOHNNY LEGDICK - WildSide Festival January 8-17, 2015. @ Centaur Theatre.

Playwright Hero & The Jem get a leg up at the Centaur Theatre's WildSide Festival (Jan. 7-17, 2015.) Director and co-writer Jimmy Karamanis along with Jonah Carson chat about what makes the Johnny Legdick opera rock. www.facebook.com/playwrighthero www.centaur theatre.com 514-288-3161


BOUGE D'ICI dance festival @ MainLine Jan. 7-17, 2015.

Bouge d'ici Dance Festival 

presented by MainLine Theatre, January 7 to 17, 2015. The local dance festival: showcase, workshops, parties, cabarets and more; many are PWYC events, all put together by Amy Blackmore & Alison Burns (MMA guest) featuring local and visiting choreographers at MainLine Theatre, 3997 St-Laurent. 514-849-3378 www.mainlinetheatre.ca