Friday, 25 January 2013

January 25, 2013. Kafka's Ape versus Sprung's Ape with Davyn Ryall.

Montreal's Main ARTery host Davyn Ryall delivers the 101 on Kafka's 'A Report to an Academy' an introduction to the adaptation by Guy Sprung "Kafka's Ape"; Adding the details on Infinitheatre's current production January 29 - February 17.

Duration - Aprox. 06:30min.

January 25, 2013. "Kafka's Ape" @ Bain St-Michel,  part one.

Guests: actor Howard Rosenstein and director Guy Sprung chat with Davyn Ryall about the actor's evolution from actor to ape to human in Sprung's adaptation "Kafka's Ape".

Duration - Aprox. 12:00mim.

January 25, 2013. "Kafka's Ape" @ Bain St-Michel, part two.

Featured guest, the artistic director of Infinitheatre Guy Sprung, chats about the inspiration and motivation involved in the creation and development of the production "Kafka's Ape".

Duratioon - Aprox. 16:00min.

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